9 labourers were rescued today from a rice mill in Kavanurpudhuchery village, Uthiramerur taluk, in the Kanchipuram revenue division. The labourers were bonded at the rice mill for 3 years for receiving a cash advance.

The Uthiramerur Thasildar Ms. S. Akiladevi conducted an enquiry inside the facility along with police officials and government authorities. On finding that there were elements of bonded labour present, the officials rescued the two families from the rice mill. A total of 9 individuals- 2 men, 2 women and 5 children (2 girls and 3 boys) were extracted from the worksite. The labourers are originally from Manamathi village in Chengelpet.

An advance of Rs. 8000/- brought these labourers into the rice mill. The owner paid each family Rs. 200-300 per process, after deducting an amount towards their advance. Movement was restricted and the labourers were not allowed to leave the facility during family occasions, festivals or to even visit a hospital when they were sick. The labourers have also reported verbal and physical abuse at the worksite.

The survivors were provided with lunch by the government before further enquiries to bring the offenders to justice.