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Chennai: Project helps bonded labourers to get jobs

Chennai: In a move to provide employment to released bonded labourers, a project was launched by the Released Bonded Labourers Association (RBLA) along with SWELECT Energy Systems at Thirukalukundram in Kanchipuram district on Friday.

A total of 11 families are benefited by the project that helps them earn an income by means of goat rearing, wood cutting, setting up petty shops and running tea stalls.

One of the rescued labourers, Jyothi who is now a leader of a self help group said, “My life has changed after I was rescued as they helped me set up a petty shop in the area. The income generated through this project will help families start savings and plan a better future for the next generation.” She also has a plan to start mushroom cultivation with the help of 12 other rescued women.

Apart from this, they have installed a borewell, which is expected to benefit up to 90 families. One of released bonded labourers was also handed a house.

SWELECT associated with RBLA in 2016. They previously launched a project, “Ini oru vidhi seivom” to provide micro loans for survivors of bonded labour with viable business proposals.