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Forced major rescued from CSE in the midst of rains

MUMBAI - While high tide and heavy rains brought the city to a halt on Tuesday, the VP Road Police moved swiftly to the aid of a young woman forced into Commercial Sexual Exploitation(CSE). Senior Police Inspector, Mr. Sanjay Kamble led the rescue operation and raided the brothel premises as Special Police Officer under the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act (ITPA) on receiving information from anti-trafficking organisation, International Justice Mission (IJM).

The rescue was conducted at a brothel on the first floor of Panalal Chawl, in Kamathipura. Through the investigation two brothel managers were apprehended and the police lodged a complaint against them for offences under ITPA and trafficking as defined by the Indian Penal Code.

Both the brothel managers, made a living by providing the 27 year old to customers for sex. The victim who hails from Karnataka, was made to live in the brothel premises and service customers in the created privacy of drawn curtains.

“It was encouraging to see the dedication of the police team, who were committed to proceeding with the rescue despite heavy rains across the city.” said Michael Yangad, Director of Operations at IJM Mumbai.

While there is a reported decrease in the presence of minors at brothels or public establishments in the red light area, women are still exploited for commercial gain in such premises that have been established over time. There has been a considerable shift in the modus operandi of the brothel keepers, who have been moving to the suburbs and operating out of private establishments in residential rented areas. However, there are still a large number of brothels functioning in traditional hot spot areas like Kamathipura and Grant Road. Currently the second floor of Panala Chawl has been closed to business. The rescue on Tuesday has currently ended Commercial Sexual Exploitation in one of the brothels on the first floor.