Judicial Relations

The Mission: 
The vision of International Justice Mission (“IJM”) is to protect impoverished people from violent forces of injustice by working collaboratively with the government to secure their rescue and restoration.
The Need: 

The role of the Lead Advocate - Policy and Judicial Relations is to highlight and get consensus that bonded labour is a crime to be eradicated. This role will involve creating deep and meaningful relationships with the state and district officials so that research findings and recommendations can be shared with and solutions implemented.

Job Location: 

Strategy & Knowledge Development & Implementation:

  • Provide legal expertise and strategy inputs to various projects, such as procedures, research, curriculum, contracts, or MOUs, resulting in rigorous and legally sound research, drafting, and decision making
  • Support Justice Solutions team to ensure that the government stakeholders use current and updated forms, survey formats, schemes, and other tools
  • Work with the other functions within JR and other functions to write proposals for budget allocations etc

Networking & Partnership:

  • Build strong and meaningful relationships with the various state government offices to highlight and get consensus that bonded labour is a crime to be eradicated
  • Collaborate effectively with internal teams so that data collection, research, branding and recommendations with the government and others can be made effectively.

Policies and Procedures:

  • Initiate and work on amendments and ensure that the legally binding procedure and other required procedure documents are prepared, approved by the approving authorities, and launched as per plan.
  • Find legal gaps in law and find solutions through policy development.


  • Facilitate and maintain open lines of communication across departments to maximize information sharing between the projects.
  • Work with Government Relations team to ensure the dissemination of the procedure to the relevant stakeholders.

Documentation, Reporting & Data Management:

  • Assist and work with the relevant stakeholders in the government to get an accurate and updated database system
  • Document and report information required for program analysis and M&E.

Events and Logistics:

  • To discuss BL budgets available for implementers
  • To initiate Judicial Level eventsso that Judicial Officers are Proactive on this issue.
Required Skills and Experience: 


  1. At least five years of experience in practicing law


  1. Knowledge of Bonded Labor and trafficking
  2. Experience in developing policy and maintaining judicial relations
  3. Excellent understanding of laws, policies and procedures
  4. Experience in conducting research on legal topics


  1. Excellent Analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  2. Strong writing skills
  3. Excellent Planning and Implementing skills
  4. Strong eye for detail and research

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