End bonded labour – Launch of Jeevana Jwala

Jeevana Jwala, an association of released bonded labourers was formally launched in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh on 3rd December 2019. Shri. Bharath Gupta, IAS, District Collector, Chittoor, Smt. Nagasailaja, DLSA-Secretary cum Senior Civil Judge, Chittoor, Sri. Balu Naik, Assistant Commissioner of Labour and representatives from NGOs and faith groups graced the launch with their presence and lauded the survivors for sustaining their lives in freedom.

This forum empowers the survivors of bonded labour to advocate for their rights and entitlements. This first of its kind association will also shape leaders who will collaborate with government bodies, judiciary and police to advocate on behalf of their community.

In addition to presenting their requests to the government, the members of Jeevana Jwala pledged to extend support to one another to promote personal and collective growth in their communities.

The importance of Jeevana Jwala is well defined by its functions:
1. Connect and empower
2. Rescue victims
3. Develop communities
4. Build partnerships
5. Bring victim voice

The core objectives of Jeevana Jwala are:
1. Create awareness on bonded labour and to function as a community watch dog protecting the vulnerable
2. Advocate for the rights and entitlements of the survivors
3. Identify linkages for economic empowerment of its members
4. Promote solidarity among members and play a vital role in ending bonded labour