FSD Takes Lead in Mobilizing Resources to Help Migrants During Covid

Collaboration with the Government

As soon as the 21-day lockdown was announced, FSD (Foundation for Sustainable Development - India) informed the State and Central Government about the situation of freed-bonded labourers, vulnerable workers, daily labourers, wage earners & migrant labourers. They are in close contact with the sarpanches, discussing resource mobilization with various stakeholders, like politicians, corporate, businesses, etc. After communicating with District level officers and Panchayat level workers FSD organised and monitored the supply of ration (rice) to the families of the “Chenchu” Tribe, particularly rescued bonded labourers. The team is ensuring all the promised measures by the Chief Minister of Telangana reach the people.

Survivors taking lead

With the support of FSD, nearly 15 survivor leaders and around 30 rescued bonded labourers have been involved in mobilization efforts. Some mobilized ration for the village and others coordinated with FSD to bring back labourers stuck in Hyderabad.

Relief work continues

As relief work continues in Telangana through various sources, the FSD team find creative ways to engage people. They collaborated with a journalist in an initiative called the “Rice Bucket Challenge” to raise awareness and to generate facilities for the poor. This initiative encouraged several school headmasters to support the families of our survivors as well as the other people within their community by supplying basic food items.

International Justice Mission Thanks FSD for their work during this time of Crisis. For their innovative ways of supporting migrants. We thank the Survivor leaders that have stepped up during this time to help and encourage. We recognize and appreciate the hard work you have done.

Thank you