The story of the Chosen Few

For decades now there has been an army of heroes silently yet relentlessly ensuring that hope is a reality that can beckon at the doorsteps of the despaired at any point. An army that works through the night to ensure that dawn breaks in the lives of those who have forgotten the promises of the morning sun. For more than twenty years now, International Justice Mission has been privileged to be part of the journey of the criminal justice system to ensure that survivors of trafficking breathe everlasting freedom. The helplessness is inexplicable, the pain is inevitable, but for the dedicated services of the judiciary, police and social services - hope is not unattainable.

The significance of having the film release on National Civil Services Day is immense. On the 21st of April, 2020, a day where India commemorate those in Civil Services, International Justice Mission and The Viral Fever are proud to launch 'Chosen Few'.

Inspired by a rescue operation, the ‘Chosen Few’ intends to shed light on the importance of a robust criminal justice system in freeing children caught in commercial sexual exploitation. The film explores the critical role of persons from the system who aid in the rescue, restoration and rehabilitation of survivors of sex trafficking.

Chosen Few is a true story depicting the journey of the ‘chosen few’ who traverse the winding road from trial to deliverance. It speaks of the fortitude of a system that has successfully restored over 100 survivors of sex trafficking in over two decades. A story where the characters are real, the challenges are complex and the emotions are earnest.

IJM dedicates Chosen Few in to the selfless service and perseverance of every law enforcement and judicial officer, shelter home staff and social worker - who heed the call of humanity to rescue and liberate the voices of those muffled by violence and exploitation.

Most importantly, through this humble tribute, we salute every survivor for their courage and indomitable spirit - those who have witnessed the dawn and those who silently await it's breaking.

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