Data Analyst

The Mission: 
International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local officials to ensure immediate victim rescue and aftercare, to prosecute perpetrators and to promote functioning public justice systems.
The Need: 

The Data Analyst will play a critical role within the program management team with regards to all program-related data and working towards making the data undeniable. The Data Analyst will ensure 1) the development and execution of effective processes/systems for data entry and reporting for all FO teams; 2) maintenance of data on the data tracking system used by the FO and 3) analyses of program data to support the DO, Program Manager and HODs in making program related decisions.

Job Location: 


  • Develop a culture of data entry and reporting and continually improve it within the FO
  • Set up and oversee timely data entry and reporting practices for all FO teams
  • Support teams in developing new templates and processes to ensure all data (key
    information) related to program deliverables is captured
  • Identify and report gaps in data process and provide feedback to the Program Manager & HODs. Also provide weekly/monthly reports to the leadership related team achievements/activities
  • Ensure data security and that back up of data is maintained periodically
  • Represent the Delhi FO in inter-office discussions related to data management, maintenance and analysis
  • Perform other related duties, as requested by the supervisor

Data Maintenance – Tools & System

  • Work towards creating a local MIS system for data management related to Delhi FO, ensure accurate entry of data and update the business process manuals as and when required.
  • Continuously audit data inputted into data management system / other data tracking systems for clarity, validity and accuracy and lead in data clean up drives, if required
  • Develop and conduct trainings for all staff on MIS and any other data tracking and analysis systems used by the FO
  • Support all staff in troubleshooting MIS / other data tracking systems and responding to queries

Data Analysis

  • Perform monthly and quarterly data analyses
  • Create reports using data visualization tools/ software to provide programmatic feedback to the Program Manager and HODs
  • Identify, analyze and interpret key outliers/trends in the complex data sets through data mining to inform strategy and program decisions made by the DO, Program Manager and HODs
  • Participate and inform all quarterly work plan and program reviews
  • Also assist other function team as per PM’ s direction
  • Work closely with the Program Manager to:
    • Providing requested data, reports and analyses
    • Providing all program related data to the external evaluator during the final program evaluation process
    Required Skills and Experience: 
    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher (Statistics or IT related Degree preferred)
    • Knowledge of Microsoft Suite Software, Windows 7, Windows 10, with ability to quickly learn new computer programs
    • Knowledge of data visualization software/ tools Relevant work experience
    • Minimum two years of experience in data management/analysis
    • Experience in working with large, complex sets of data
    • Experience using data visualization tools or software
    Critical Qualities: 
    • Attention to detail, organized, meticulous, and efficient
    • Fluency in English (read/write/speak)
    • Good with numbers
    • Analytical thinker
    • Proactively initiates necessary conversations leading to decision making and implementation
    • Solution focused – Able to independently come up with solutions to problems
    • Quick Learner- Able to retain information and effectively apply it to problems in a short period of time