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First of its kind CWC in Mumbai: WCD department inaugurates child friendly premises for vulnerable children

MUMBAI- Today Hon’ble Secretary, Women and Child Development (WCD) Department, Government of Maharashtra, Smt. Vinita Ved Singal, I.A.S, will be inaugurated a model Child Welfare Committee (CWC) premises at the Chembur Children’s Home for children in need of care and protection which includes, minor victims of child labour, sex trafficking, sexual offences and orphans. These child friendly premises serve as a model for CWCs across the country as it includes, an indoor play area for children, a private counselling room, and a wheelchair ramp at the entrance, amongst other child friendly amenities.

The CWC is constituted under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000 (now 2015) to take decisions regarding children in need of care and protection. The CWC at Chembur has been based out of the premises for the past 10 years, but needed facilities and amenities that were child friendly. The District Women and Child Development Department, Children’s Aid Society and Child Welfare Committee Mumbai Suburban, have been instrumental in initiating the establishment of the child friendly premises. The model premises have been set up by the State Government in partnership with International Justice Mission (IJM) India.

At present the Child Welfare Committee Mumbai Suburban has jurisdiction over children in need of care and protection from the Western and Central suburbs. Due to the large volume of cases, two CWCs have been constituted. Both these CWCs operate out of these premises at Chembur.

The construction of the model CWC premises began in May 2017 and was completed within a month. It provides modern facilities like a television viewing area for children to watch educational and recreational videos, CCTV camera supervision to ensure security for the children, a digital token system, a one way mirror to facilitate identification of accused, a waiting area for the Police and organisations.

Sanjay Macwan, IJM’s Regional Director believes, “I am pleased that the DWCD and IJM could partner to pioneer these Child-Friendly model CWC premises in Mumbai. Many concerned individuals and corporate houses have supported the development of this space, in the true spirit of a public-private partnership. I hope this first of its kind CWC will serve as a model to be replicated in CWC’s across the country as they continue to serve the youngest members of our society.”

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