The Tamil Nadu Labour and Employment Department organises workshop on bonded labour

The Tamil Nadu Labour and Employment Department organised a two-day workshop on Bonded Labour at the Anna Institute of Management, Chennai on 29th and 30th May 2018.

Totally 30 participants comprising of current Revenue Divisional Officers, Assistant Commissioners of Labour and Sub-Collectors participated in this training.

The training covered topics such as: Identification, Release, Rehabilitation, Prosecution and the importance of functional Vigilance Commitees. Former bonded labourer, Pachayamma who was rescued from a rock breaking unit in 2012 shared her experience of living in bondage and her journey towards freedom.

Some of the attendees who had led bonded labour rescues in their respective revenue divisions shared their experiences. They stressed on the need to proactively identify cases of bonded labour in the society and motivated the others to expect and overcome challenges in the field, take positive action and work towards eradicating this crime.

The former RDO of Ambattur Mr. Aravindan sharing his experience

The former RDO of Ambattur Mr. Aravindan shared his experience of releasing bonded labourers from a Eucalyptus Farm and a Rice Mill in 2017.

The RDO of Vellore, Mr. Selvaraj shared from his experience of working on bonded labour cases

The Assistant Commissioner of Labour Ms. Valarmathi shared from her experience of the recent rescue where 147 bonded labourers were rescued from a brick kiln in Thiruvallur

The Cuddalore Sub-Collector Mr. Johnny Tom Varghese IAS who recently led the rescue of 17 labourers from a Sugarcane unit spoke on the importance of prosecution in Bonded Labour cases.

The Cuddalore Assistant Commissioner of Labour who was part of the above sugarcane farm rescue in Cuddalore shared some interesting instances from the rescue.

Pachayamma sharing her story

The Tamil Nadu Labour and Employment department has been working on creating a database of Bonded Labour in Tamil Nadu. Post training, a demo of the database was shown to the participants by the Joint Commissioner Mr. Saravanan who further inquired with the RDOs and Sub Collectors on the practical challenges in using the database.

The Anna Institute of Management has been conducting workshops on Bonded Labour for IAS officers and RDOs since 2014. These officers have been proactive in identifying cases of bonded labour. In the past 4 years, more than 173 bonded labourers have been rescued by AIM trained RDOs and Sub Collector.

Mr. Nandagopal IAS , the Commissioner of Labour and Mr. Jamalludin, the Director of AIM distributing certificate to the participants

The Commissioner of Labour, Mr. Nandagopal IAS, who is also the State Level Officer for bonded labour, concluded the session by distributing certificates to the participants. This training initiated by the government is a significant effort aiming to curb the issue of Bonded Labour in Tamil Nadu.