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CWC inaugurates new living spaces in Chembur

The new premises of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) were inaugurated at Chembur's Children's Home on Wednesday by Vinita Singal, secretary of Maharashtra's Women and Child Development (WCD) Department. This is the first facility of its kind for victims of child labour, mental and sexual harassment.

The new premises of 700 sq ft have been constructed by the International Justice Mission (IJM), NGOs as well as public, private and business sectors. It will be maintained by the government going forward.

The premises are child-friendly with indoor play rooms and a counselling room where the children will be counselled by professionals. "We hope that the premises serve as a model to other CWCs in Maharashtra and rest of the country. If we work together, we can improve the safety conditions of the children," said Sanjay Macwan, regional director, IJM.

The premises were constructed after consulting with professionals who are also members of the committee. "The children who come to us are physically and sexually abused. If we counsel them in a room which is friendly, it will make them feel good. They feel comfortable in sharing their problems," said Rahul More, Divisional Deputy Commissioner, WCD, Konkan Division.

"This beautiful child-friendly CWC has been made by the government, CWC members and IJM. I am happy that we have been able to create an environment where every child who is in need of care and protection will be made comfortable. We must always bring a child to a level of comfort before we can ensure further steps for their rehabilitation. Our commitment is to each and every child. We will try to make such premises throughout Maharashtra," said Singal during the inauguration.