Baat Haq Ki Show

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Baat Haq Ki is a 13-episode radio series aimed at building knowledge and awareness on the issue of Bonded Labour and human trafficking.

Episode 1 | Listen
Balveer singh and his family who are trapped in agricultural bonded labour are brutally attacked by owner.

Episode 2 | Listen
Dilip and Mohan find themselves helpless and trapped as they are forced leave their village

Episode 3 | Listen
Rauniya tries to pay off his father’s debt over a period of 25 years

Episode 4 | Listen
Papamma pays the ultimate price as she loses her unborn child

Episode 5 | Listen
Barkha and Dev Singh are trafficked to another state

Episode 6 | Listen
Exploits of a serial offender challenge the laws and procedures of India as the middleman manages to escape from the clutches of justice.

Episode 7 | Listen
Lal Singh and his family migrate to another state searching for a stable life but end up in the hands of an exploitative abuser.

Episode 8 | Listen
Dayalu and Nilambar pay the ultimate price as their hands are cut off for escaping slavery.

Episode 9 | Listen
Police track and chase a trafficker who is using everything in his power to move 55 labourers from one state to another

Episode 10 | Listen
Traffickers exploit India railways, to shuffle labourers from one part of the country to another

Episode 11 | Listen
18 children are rescued from a bag making facility in Delhi with Aadhar cards that declare them above 18

Episode 12 | Listen
A mother and son duo fight the odds and break the shackles of slavery to enter into a life of opportunities.

Episode 13 | Listen
A 14-year-old girl comes to the Delhi, but is met with physical and mental abuse as she becomes a domestic helper at a doctor’s house.