Safe and Self Reliant India ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT आत्मनिर्भर भारत Safe and Self Reliant India सुरक्षित भारत SURAKSHIT BHARAT Read More COVID 19 RESPONSE

Championing Government’s Efforts in the Implementation of Programs
to Build a Safe and Self-Reliant India


In solidarity with national authorities and other organizations working hard to contain COVID-19. Our utmost gratitude and respect to government officials, medical professionals, law enforcers, caregivers and service providers.

Supporting Government’s endeavours in tackling Covid-19. This includes providing technical and knowledge-based support to Governments through e-workshops for public functionaries on safety measures during the 19 lockdown, providing help with distribution of thermal screening guns, PPE kits and other protective provisions like face shields and masks, hand gloves, sanitisers and soaps for police personnel, court functionaries, and people in urgent need.

Standing by the Government and local administration to benefit society, particularly frontline workers, and vulnerable populations during the lockdown and beyond.

Assisting in creation of awareness programs on prevention, hygiene, social-distancing and isolation in vernacular languages to fight Covid-19. Supplementing the Governments’ efforts in supplying cooked food and ration kits to vulnerable populations during lockdown. So far, over 1,00,000 people have been provided with varied support.

We continue to support the Government in combatting COVID 19.
We will overcome this together to build a stronger India.

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PP Training Manual
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